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Help in the planning of a suit. [Jul. 30th, 2007|05:29 pm]
Cosplay Fursuits!


I am currently planning my first ever fursuit and was wondering if I could ask for some help. The reason I am posting here is that the character I am hoping to achieve will be a digimon, in fact a human/digimon hybrid of Joe and Gomamon called Jyoumon. But the biggest problem is that I am hoping for the character to be quadrapedial, the main reason that suitmakers so far have steered clear of it. So I would like to ask te community if they have any ideas of how it can be done or know anyone who would be interested in making it?

P.S no limit on when to be done for.

[User Picture]From: scot_fox
2007-07-30 04:37 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: laughinghyena
2007-07-30 07:53 pm (UTC)
You can also ask over at quadsuits and look at the entries on there. The user info should also have a bunch of links as well.
I created the comm since there was a interest in building quad suits and four legged costumes. Some of the people on there are trying to build their first one as well as people who have built several quad suits before.

There are three different types of stilts to make/use: Wood, PCP Pipe, and Metal. Or four as I've seen someone use cardboard for their quad suit. Each has their pros and cons. Then there's figuring out the position of your body with the aid of stilts so as to not encounter a lot of back pain. If you want to use stilts for both your arms and legs, or just stick with just arm stilts (arm crutches). How long or short you want your stilts to be. And most people then bulk up and shape/glue foam on the stilts like you would when making a foam bodysuit for paws and/or muscle.
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