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Due to excessive "Go to the fursuit" threads and comments,we decided to close cosplayfursuits. This community was meant for COSPLAYERS. Not furries (No offense meant! =) ).

So, my friend toke the liberty to create a cosplay fursuit/ mascot community for just cosplayers. You can view and join it at cosplay_mascots.

Thank you all for posting and keeping the community alive up until now. It was a real treat! If you are a cosplayer and like to fursuit/ mascot, then please join the above community.

Big Bad Wolf Silvermane: Grin

OMG !He's Alive !!!!

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Big Bad Wolf Silvermane: Grin

How to Preform as a Anthropromophic Mightyena?

I need some help to preform as a Anthropromorphic Mightyena for upcoming Conventions.  Like....

When to speek?
How to pose?
How to act during Preformance?
If speeking should I be in character duing a preformance?
do I need a spotter during preformance?
Greeting people?
When to take breaks?

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Parade soles?

Okay, I'm having a problem. Many and pretty much only fursuit commission websites talk about Parade soles.
What are they? And how can you make them yourself?
I've haven't really seen any tutorials for them or any shoe/sole site that mentions them.
I've worked with latex, so is rubber any different or the same? I just make a cast from clay with plaster and then pour the material in?

I'm asking this because the cosplay fursuit I'm building is for Halloween (Bowser). And as such, the feet have to be for outdoor use. And I also don't want the feet to break down in case I feel I can use it later for a convention. Thanks for any help posted.

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Well just thought I'd poke my nose into the community. I'm not new to cosplaying, I got my start a number of years ago at Anime North of 2003 dressed as Miroku, from Inuyasha. I went as him for a number of years, and made a Kohaku costume for my younger brother when he came of age decided he first wanted to go to an Anime Convention. I am, however, quite new to fursuiting. I made myself my first partial fursuit, a Mightyena, (you can see it here) in time for Anime North 2008, but it was rushed and was clumsy, imperfect, and damn near impossible to see out of. Of course, having had a taste of it, I know I'll never be able to stop making fursuits. I aim to better myself. It wasn't bad for a first try, but it didn't live up to my expectations.

But now I'm setting that aside as a learning experience and I'm moving on. I've started work on a Leomon fursuit, which has the potential to be either mind-blowingly amazing or horribly awful. I plan to use a bodysuit as the base (I've been having trouble finding one; I've been thinking of looking for some sort of gymnastics retailer, but if anybody has suggestions I'd love to hear them) and building up foam muscles, and then gluing fur on, sewing the seams together. I've never made a full suit before, so this will be... a learning experience for me. My biggest fear is that I totally screw it up.

What you all could help me with fantastically would be suggestions of things to do / not to do working with this sort of costume. And if anybody knows of any prexisting Leomon fursuits, I'd love to see them- I haven't found a single one on or DA, and Google Search keeps insisting that I'm actually looking for Lemon Cosplay. A picture of another Leomon suit would really help me wrap my head around what I do and do not want to do with this costume. Eventually I'd like to work my way up towards working on a Kihmari suit, which would be very similar in structure to a Leomon suit. I'll put some reference pictures under the cut. One day I dream of making a Lion King quad suit cosplay, but that's many years off. I won't attempt that until I have more experience under my belt.

Needless to say, I'm a person with a lot of dreams (and a thing for beefy lions?) who would love some advice from more experienced fursuit makers.

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Totoro and Catbus

i don't have a pic of cat bus on my websitw (link in post below this) so here is one for you.
this was take today at the san francisco cheery blossom festival. we won first place (yay) this is our last year doing the parade. it was SO FUN this 4 year old girl would not stop hugging me and her giggle was so cute as she uttered "i wuv toetoetoe" (SQUEE!)

i was invited to come back for the childrens day festival on may 3rd, i'm gonna try to be there as its so magical to see kids reactions to this totoro costume <3
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New here

Hi, all.  I'm new here and I just got info cosplaysuiting.  My first costume that was recently finished is Blaziken, I'll throw a pic on after the cut.  Anyways, I have plans to make a quad Ivysaur suit and a King Dedede shortly after that.  I just got into the whole suiting scene as well.  More after the cut.
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